Taylor’s Fall Family Session

Taylor and her sweet kiddos just purchased a new home on the outskirts of Marshall. She contacted me and wanted to do a fall family photoshoot at their new house. I’m so glad she asked because let me tell you… this was one of the funnest and cutest little shoots I’ve had the pleasure of doing in a while!

I asked all of the kiddos to tell me their names and I promised I would try to remeber them! I hate to admit I’m not that great with names and I dread getting older and forgetting everything! Ha!

Austin is the oldest and he is an amazing big brother. He had tons of ideas for the pictures and helped little brother fix his shirt, put his hands in his pockets, and told him where to stand for their solo shots! It was the sweetest!!!

Buck is the youngest at a whopping 4 years old! He reminds me a lot of my 4 year old. He was excited and full of energy. He had all the silly faces ready for me and even a few sweet smiles too. He was keeping us on our toes and definitely made this shoot more fun!

Taytum is 6 and super sweet. She was the most quiet and reserved of the group. She always had a smile on her face and I never once had to position or mover her around at all. She knew exactly how she wanted to sit and stand and made the perfect little model!

The kiddos wanted to show me their tire swing and of course we had to have photos on it too! Austin helped them up and pushed his younger siblings. He also gave them piggy back rides. I think it’s safe to say Buck and Taytum are lucky to have such a good big brother to always be watching over them!

We played in the leaves and rolled down the hill to the bottom of the yard. I just followed them around and watched them play and have fun with a few posed shots in between. It was so laid back and I had a blast with these kiddos!

Buck needed the most tickles! LOL!

Taylor you are doing an amazing job raising your sweet babies. They were so polite and kind and helpful. They never complained, not once! I was getting ready to leave and they told me “Thank you, Have a good day!” It’s the first time I’ve gotten that from children so young. It was definitely noticed and appreciated. You guys are so awesome! It was truly a joy spending time with you!